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"As a Personal Trainer, I've had the mind-set that I wasn't supposed to rely on supplements to help me with my workouts or achieve my fitness goals. I tried for years to solely rely on healthy eating and exercise.  As I've gotten older and as I've started networking with others ion my field, I realized this was an unrealistic expectation for myself and others. I'm a 38 year old mom of an 11 year old boy and I'm married to an amazing man.  Our life is blessed beyond our wildest dreams and we are so fortunate to have the family and friends we have.  Like most families, we are incredibly busy. I teach 11 fitness classes a week. I love working out with my classes but it's not possible for me to workout with all of them.  My 6am Boot Camp consists of me standing at the front of class with a cup of coffee and a stop watch (I love you 6am class!!).  I don't usually workout Fri-Sun so that can mean working out 2-4 times daily.  That's my choice--it's not required. Even if I didn't exercise at all, our lifestyle would still be exhausting.  I'm not going to bore you with a list all of our daily activities but I will tell you that I was consistently exhausted by 2pm everyday, drinking 1-2 energy drinks plus coffee everyday, searching for sugar during the late afternoon crash and waking up exhausted.


I am frequently asked by clients if I take supplements. I am a believer in vitamins and have always taken them. I eat healthy but I love food so I also enjoy it. I've been asked to sample lots of supplements/shakes/plans and I tried most of them.  If I didn't try something it was because I didn't agree with the ingredients or the plan. Last summer I met a fellow trainer and we became friends on Facebook.  She's my age, married and she's also a mom.  I started seeing these posts on her page about Plexus.  I had seen 'Plexus Slim' decals on people's cars before and I immediately wrote it off as a quick-fix, unhealthy, B.S. diet pill and put it out of my mind. But my friend was posting about the ingredients of different Plexus products and she was knowledgeable about them and how they worked. Another friend of mine had given me a bag of the Slim to try for my migraines-- I'll try just about anything to get rid of those. I wasn't drinking the Slim consistently until I saw the posts by my new trainer friend. I started to learn that Plexus was all about getting healthy from the inside-out and that it wasn't to be used as a Band-Aid for unhealthy habits. I liked what I saw so far. So I decided to try it for 30 days but I didn't tell anyone.  Within 2 weeks I noticed that I wasn't craving sweets like before and my energy was lasting longer throughout the day.  I'm not talking about clean the baseboards with a Q-tip energy, I just wasn't crashing at 2pm and wanting a nap. So I took each ingredient from the back of the bag and researched it.  I couldn't believe how natural it was.  I messaged my new trainer friend and we met for coffee.  I trusted her knowledge and her personal experience so I signed up and started using a couple more products. I had been taking probiotics for the last few years and they changed my life! I finished up what I had left of my own and started the ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse from Plexus and I loved them! They work better than my previous probiotic and they cost less.


I have family members using Plexus, even my husband and son.  Not everyone needs supplements.  I recognized that with our family's schedule and my lifestyle, I needed a little extra help. It's the only product I feel comfortable recommending to clients. I'm not a pusher--I don't even mention it to clients unless they ask.  I never want to turn someone off because they think I'm going to shove products down their throat.  As a fitness professional, it's my JOY and responsibility to lead people to their healthiest version of themselves and I certainly will not be afraid to share my experience!"

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Katy Wells Boot Camp consists of weight lifting, circuit training, body weight exercises, cardio, body sculpting, tabata and high intensity interval training practices.

We use a variety of equipment for strength and muscle building as well. If you’re ready to get fit, come join the best Boot Camp located in Norman Oklahoma!