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My journey to healthier living started in late 2010. I had been smoking for 17 years and was terrified of quitting but I was ready to do something different. I had tried working out on my own many times but always quit after a couple of weeks. This time I started a fitness program with the help of a trainer and it made all the difference!


The encouragement, specific instruction and monitored progress I received from her was amazing. I wasn't worried that I would injure myself by doing an exercise wrong or that I wasn't lifting enough weight, doing enough reps, etc. Exercising has improved my health physically but also emotionally. It has become such a release for me!


I have been so moved by this experience that I decided to change my career path and pass this on to others. So in March of 2011, I obtained a certification in Personal Training from the National Federation of Personal Trainers. I have continuing education that I’m required to complete every year in order to maintain my certification. The fitness industry is always evolving and there is a lot of new information to keep up with and I love it!!


My classes are designed to accommodate ALL levels of fitness so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with everybody else or worrying that you’re holding anyone back. The most common format I use is called Tabata. This technique is 20 seconds of exercise followed by a 10 second break. This is repeated for 4 minutes. When it comes to getting a great workout, I like to change it up frequently, so my class styles are always changing. We do a variety of circuit training, weight lifting, cardio, trail running, body weight exercising and much more!


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can start classes any time and your first class is FREE!


I can't wait to be a part of YOUR life changing experience!

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Katy Wells Boot Camp consists of weight lifting, circuit training, body weight exercises, cardio, body sculpting, tabata and high intensity interval training practices.

We use a variety of equipment for strength and muscle building as well. If you’re ready to get fit, come join the best Boot Camp located in Norman Oklahoma!